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Artificial Turf, Synthetic Grass Lawns for your Garden

Like many developments in science, fake turf has only grown to become less of a fabricated supplement and more of a comparison to real grass. Yet less hassle all round and not open to harm or wear from the elements. We supply several realistic artificial grass varieties to match a multitude of uses, and all provide that final award winning garden turf style most gardeners are after. If you want that all year round green look choose Newstead and its 30mm pile luxury green grass. For a more natural look and a less worked garden, you could opt for Sherwood 20mm pile artificial grass or Rufford 30mm pile artificial turf. Both styles offer detailing showing that worn look that most used and under watered gardens get in the summer months.

Is Synthetic Turf as Good as Real Grass?

Understandably you question whether fake turf can stand up to the scrutiny of being compared to a normal garden turf being laid. Aside from it needing no watering, the mock grass being UV stable meaning the strands of grass retain their colour over a longer period, you don't get all the long term hassle of weather related problems. If you have pets, you can say goodbye to muddy foot prints. If you have shaded areas in your garden where trees or sheds block out light, you need not worry about bare patches any longer. Ours is both low maintenance and easy to install yourself, even if parts become damaged they can be repaired quite easily. There are a variety of uses for our pet friendly and child friendly turf aside from your home's garden. The turf is fantastic for inside marquees, for terraces or roof gardens. You can even line the side of swimming pools with artificial lawn. All lengths have adequate holes for reasonable drainage with or without the use of sand infill.

Commercial & Domestic Fake Lawn Gardens Too!

For businesses also, they offer a great solution for not only practical use but safety also. Use on nursery floors and play areas to not only provide comfort and a clean environment but a cushion from falls. Display at holiday homes and caravan parks and utilise substitute grass effects at Weddings and party venues. Most of our manufactured lawn products come with at least a seven year guarantee and come in a variety of ready made piecing solutions from two metres to 24 metres. Available in rolls for easy 'do it yourself' fitting upon delivery or we can install the lawns for you. Please peruse our range of finest artificial turfs, choose a look that matches your desired effect, full green to slightly summer worn and take into account the grass lengths, 20mm, 30mm, 35mm pile. Look out for our specialist V shaped yarn which ensures grass springs back into position after it has had pressure applied. For environmentally friendly, fire resistant, all year round synthetic turf that is easy to install, pet and child friendly, request a free sample today.