Concrete Features from PlanToPave

Concrete paving is not only about paths and patios, it is about so much more.
Slabs come in a wide range of uniform colours from across the spectrum, exact sizes and regular thicknesses, thus providing a product that is simple to lay and easy on the eye.

Concrete is also versatile. Designs, such as a dragonfly, a fish, or a sun, can be inlaid to larger areas of paving. Circles of differing diameters can be features in their own right, or by using a squaring off kit, can fit snugly within a bigger design. However laid, they will certainly be an attractive addition to your garden.

Whether using concrete as a centre piece, corner feature or a join where pathways meet, concrete can provide a flexibility that is not always present in natural stone. Functional paved areas become more elaborate and interesting with the addition of a sundial, fountain or water feature. Your garden becomes unique and draws the attention of a visitor.

With improved production techniques there are a host of designs now available as concrete features. Centres pieces, circles, raised platforms all add garden appeal. If you are looking for something special and you cannot find it on the website, just let us know and we will make enquiries on your behalf.

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