Concrete Paving Packs

Concrete paving slabs offer a competitively priced alternative to natural stone.

The latter can offer a variety of natural finishes, potentially varying colours and sizes as well as additional laying time when dealing with a product that is not always the same thickness. Beyond this, of course, is crazy paving. Conversely, concrete flags come in a wider range of colours, uniform in tone, with pre cut sizes and regular thicknesses, thus providing a product that is simpler, faster and possibly cheaper to lay. Colour and texture is also important when looking at the design of your garden.

In the end it comes down to personal choice. Which route is taken will depend on the colour required, budget, time and the usage of space. Additions to concrete paving such as circles or pictures can be inlaid to enhance an extended area of uniform concrete paving.

Project packs vary. Some will only use two slab sizes – Chalice pack, for example, while the Rectory Welsh slate works well with four.

Each are designed for multiple lays. Measuring 5.76 metres to 7.29 metres there are a variety of sizes on offer. Project paving packs can be a cheaper option, offer simplicity in design and allow you to take on a DIY project knowing full well, all the pieces in the pack will result in the patio you ordered.

If you wish to combine our patio packs with the individual concrete paving offerings like classic weathered moss or another distinct pave, then please do contact our design team with your requirements.

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