What will Your Lawn Look Like At The End Of The School Holidays?

As the school holidays beckon, there is the hope that the weather will improve and allow the youngsters to play outside. With six weeks to fill, a garden can become a football pitch, cycle track, a lost empire, a den – anything, in fact, the imagination can create. In that time, the grass will be scuffed, become bald in places, worn in others, muddy and with the need for plenty of TLC to restore it to its former glory once the schools are back.

Your garden doesn’t have to look like this!…

Come earlier September the grass will be looking as tired as the parents feel, but do parents have the appetite to reseed, water and weed to get the grass back to its former glory? Probably not. A quick cut here and there and with the evenings taking in, nature will be allowed to takes its course with grass and weeds slowly re-establishing themselves over the winter months, so come next spring, the lawn is green, and from a distance doesn’t look too bad. However it has been out of bounds over the winter due to ongoing wet weather and any quick sortie outside is followed by “keep off the grass and don’t bring the mud in”.

It could be more like this!
…Your garden could be green like this one!

It doesn’t have to be like this, though. Artificial grass would allow the garden to be used as much as its wants, it would always look good, require minimal maintenance (if any at all) and can be used all year round. No mud, no bald patches, no fading and long guarantees ensure the quality of the product being purchased. Different thatches, pile lengths and composition, can provide a variety of finishes from lush, soft to touch, spongy, densely packed fibres, which are a delight to walk on barefoot, through to the less expensive shorter, one colour product. Although, providing it has been properly installed, would offer access to your lawn all year round. No mud, no fuss, but all the fun.

Best selling artificial turf for back garden:

So come September, instead of hoping nature will take its course, why not be proactive and invest in a new lawn that everyone can use, and you can admire as it requires minimal maintenance?

If this appeals, go on, you know it does, have a look at the PlanToPave website at www.plantopave.co.uk or phone 01329 840940 to discuss your thoughts. We can even pop some free samples in the post so you see your new lawn first hand.