Patio paving for your next garden patio makeover from PlanToPave

Paving a patio area is not only a practical solution to a garden area but one that can offer you the chance to design your garden in a more imaginative way. Breaking up grassy areas with natural stone paving or sealing off parts for seating is made possible by the use of paving.

On this page we showcase a variety of ideas how our patio paving projects can be best laid. Use slabs or stones as steps. Create individual patterns within a larger scale patio project or even use as stepping stones in an ornate water feature as shown in the Cornsilk Sandstone example.

You can of course choose a crazy paving solution but that isn’t always the best way to achieve a luxurious garden design. Often squared off edges and smooth natural stone is the path to perfection. But remember, stone can also be professionally cut with an angle grinder to offer curved edges which make for excellent round centre pieces or curvature borders which allow your garden to invade your patio space and become one.

Patios designed and supplied by PlanToPave:

The patio project packs come in a variety of sizes, both measured in square meters as well as amount of stones involved and the specific sizes, enabling you to plan your design using computer software or with the assistance of a garden designer.

The high quality natural stone is guaranteed to be long lasting, most well laid patios can last centuries if treated well. The slabs and stonework come in a variety of different textures and colours due to the many areas of the UK, Europe and Asia that the stone is sourced from, having been formed at various stages in Earth’s billion year history.

For a brilliant and smooth finish, go for the luxury effect with our Pumice Sandstone. Even though 20mm in thickness, the feel underfoot and the end finish is sublime. For a mix of blues and grey in varying rectangular sizes choose the Meadow Sandstone or reds with Burnt Magenta or Saffron.

The patio paving project packs which come in antique sandstone paving, flamed sandstone, textured sandstone or limestone are perfectly offset by our most luxurious of stone products and that of Natural Granite. An effect that though still pieced stone, can have the final look of an area with no edges and simply the swirling patterns of the stone itself.

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