Decorative Stone for driveways & gardens

Decorative Stone can be used in a variety of different ways.

Gardens can sometimes look too busy with paving stones, concrete features, flower beds with seated areas and arbours. However, slate, chippings and other individual stone pieces can be worked to break up the spaces in between the features to allow your garden to flow more smoothly.

As well as dividing a garden, Decorative Stone can suppress weeds, or draw attention to a particular feature within a garden, for example, walling, screenscapes or borders. Decorative Stone can also be used in and around water, or on a raised plateau. Used wisely, Decorative Stone can be as much a feature in its own right, far beyond the structure it is surrounding.

Bulk bags of Decorative Stone from PlanToPave

All of PlanToPave’s stone chippings and Decorative Stone are supplied by Burlington Stone. Burlington, a Cumbrian based company, have been extracting and quarrying for 150 years so the quality of their product is guaranteed.

Coming in a host of natural colours, Burlington slate chippings are available in a range of graded sizes.

Green, blue, grey and mixed shades can be delivered in a variety of sizes to compliment your garden project. Exacting measurements cover over size, 40mm, 30mm down to 15mm and 14mm down to 5mm.

The larger sized Burlington Slate Chippings can be used to break up borders, but are equally at home as steeped banks in ponds or as fountain stonework. The decorative stones can be assembled in colour formation within a fountain feature. They can be used to hide external plumbing, tubes and pipes between garden beds and streams with slate chip mounds over risers and jets. When submerged the slate chippings not only look fantastic, but they can also be an area from which to grow water based plants.

Better garden management can be achieved by using the smaller sized Burlington Slate chippings (5-14mm) on garden borders to help suppress weeds. For those seeking an alternative to pebbles or gravel – material susceptible to drag, the smaller sized slate chippings are fantastic as underfoot solutions for pathways and driveways. A 1000kg bag will cover 19sqm with a depth of 40mm. Beyond this the Decorative Stones can be used as an alternative to paving. Consider a concrete feature such as the Bowland Sun Circle or Stonemarket Radius Koi Mosaic as centre pieces and utilising the grey, blue or green decorative stone as surrounding accompaniments between paving and paths.

As you can see, such is the wide and varied use of attractive decorative stones, the possibilities are endless. Please see the following pages for further inspiration.