Low Maintenance Paving – Vitrified

Not long ago, during winter months, moss and algae would have been an issue on all paving products. This was due to the stone’s water absorption and retention, in our damp climate. A green hue would spread across paths and patios, most noticeably in areas receiving little sunlight. Come Spring, the obligatory wash and scrub would remove […]

Would you clad your house in decking?

For watchers of Grand Designs it is interesting to see how many cross over products there are now on the market that would have traditionally have had one sole use when originally conceived and manufactured. One such group of products is known as polymer decking/manmade wood/recycled wood. Whilst the manufacturers are specific as to what […]

An Autumn Project

Our latest project is about to begin: Location – Southampton Brief – a low maintenance, contemporary garden with a water feature. Minimal planting with adequate seating for the summer BBQs Budget – £8,000 Coming Soon……..the design plan, style ideas & the digging!! After looking at a number of samples of paving, the preferred choice was […]

Driveways – is choosing one full of potholes?

Property prices have risen significantly across the country over the last few years with certain desirable neighbourhoods, operating in their own bubble and  increasing, whatever the state of the economy. That said, although the asset value has increased, it does not necessarily mean that home owners are awash with cash to update, maintain and modernise […]