Is your garden out of bounds?

Well it shouldn’t be. With the long hot days of last year well behind us, gardens tend to get less use, love or attention through the winter.  There are though plenty of bright and pleasant days that still offer enough heat and sunlight to make sitting in a sheltered garden a pleasant experience.

What often makes this less appealing though is that the patio or wooden decking area can be slippery following rain. Care will also be required, perhaps all day, after an overnight dew or frost. Moss and algae can start to grow in the darker, damper corners that don’t receive much, if any, sunlight during the shorter days,

However, there are ways of enjoying your outdoor space and making the most of that illusive winter sun. If you love the outdoors, but deck and patio maintenance is too time consuming to make it worthwhile and safe, why not use the space by updating it with Millboard Decking? With a consistent look across the year and virtually no maintenance, the hours saved on jet washing your patio or cleaning, preparing, sanding or staining your decking can be reduced to the occasional wash with soapy water and sitting in the sun.

PlanToPave sell Millboard decking in a variety of colours and finishes. It behaves like real wood as far as cutting and installation is concerned, but is low maintenance thereafter. It does not fade, absorb water, splinter, expand or contract, does not twist or bow and keeps its integrity across the year and throughout its life span. It therefore does not harbour algae, become uneven or distorted and is safe to walk on throughout the year. Millboard, warranty their residential products for 25 years.

Our best selling decking...

If your garden lacks a path then there are plenty of products that can help you cross the divide to the sun at the bottom of your garden, Millboard included. A walkway is easy to install and will stop your feet getting wet as you head for the sun. 

So whatever your garden, and wherever the sun shines in your garden, PlanToPave will help you get there. Why not have a look at our website for further inspiration and product?