Stonemarket Vitrified Paleo Blauw


A beautiful paving combining incredible technical performance with stunning authentic looks and is virtually maintenance free.

Each pack comes complete with the appropiate quantity of ready-mixed Narrow Jointing Compound absolutely FREE. The product has been specially developed to provide a hassle-free jointing solution with a superb finish.

Colour: Blauw
Thickness: 20mm
Coverage: Please see information below
Square metre price:
from £51.17
Yes (£5.00 – fully refundable with any order)

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Stonemarket Vitrified Paleo is a beautiful paving combining incredible technical performance with gentle colours and textures. Additionally it is virtually maintenance free.

Pack Sizing:

This product is supplied in a project pack consisting of the following with a coverage of 16.89 square metres:

13       900 x 600
18       600 x 600
9         600 x 300
19       300 x 300

Laying plans are available on request, just drop us a quick email at

A pallet of 1200×600 contains 26 paving and will cover 18.72 square metres.

A pallet of 600×600 contains 64 paving and will cover 23.04 square metres.

Split packs can be supplied though the price per unit will be a little more expensive than normal. Please contact the studio for further details.

For further information on Stonemarket Vitrified Gravity please refer to the manufacturers website.


Sample 100x100mm, 1200×600, 600×600, 4 Size Project Pack

Jointing Compound

Buff, Grey


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