Rustic Mist Project Pack – £22.35/m2


Our Mist Sandstone is a timeless classic. Of all the sandstones, Mist is the most contemporary, being very consistent in colour and is popular with those who prefer not too much variation. It has a gentle, blue-grey colour with the occasional beige shading.

Colour: Mist
Coverage: 20 square metres
Thickness: 22mm
Square metre price: £22.35

The rustic finish offers an authentic flagstone look and feel, which develops over time and will be a feature, rather than just paving that functions in your garden. The natural variations of colour and texture that this stone offers means that every piece is unique and part of its overall appeal.This product is supplied in a project pack:

16 no. 910 x 610
17 no. 610 x 610
17 no. 610 x 305
17 no. 305 x 305

(Laying plans are available on request, just drop us a quick email at


18.72 Sqm, 37.44 Sqm, 56.16 Sqm, 74.88 Sqm, 93.6 Sqm, 112.32 Sqm