Buff Calibrated Project Pack Offer – £18.97/m2


It’s golden hues come in Project Packs made up of 4 sizes and, being calibrated to 22mm, is easy to lay.

Colour: Buff
Thickness: 22mm
Coverage: 20 square metres
Square metre price: £18.97

The natural variations of colour and texture that this stone offers means that every piece is unique and part of its overall appeal. This product is supplied in a project pack:

16 off   910 x 610
17 off   610 x 610
17 off   610 x 305
17 off   305 x 305

(Laying plans are available on request, just drop us a quick email at design@plantopave.co.uk)


18.72 Sqm, 37.44 Sqm, 56.16 Sqm, 74.88 Sqm, 93.6 Sqm, 112.32 Sqm