Low Maintenance Paving – Vitrified

Not long ago, during winter months, moss and algae would have been an issue on all paving products. This was due to the stone’s water absorption and retention, in our damp climate.

A green hue would spread across paths and patios, most noticeably in areas receiving little sunlight. Come Spring, the obligatory wash and scrub would remove most of the growth. Although not always visible, a slippery film would remain making a Winter sortie, across your paving to the washing line, a hazardous one.

To counteract this, some manufactures and suppliers of stone tried to minimize the algae and moss build up by choosing to sell only stone that passed stringent absorption tests. These suppliers invested heavily in research and chose particular quarries to buy their product from that met their criteria. Some popular products were withdrawn, as despite their appeal, they failed to meet the new standards. Asking the question about a company’s individual “stone standard” was well worth while as it could save hours of cleaning and maintenance later on.

The world though has moved on.  Vitrified paving has now overtaken traditional stone and arguably “stone standards” as Vitrified’s profile has increased and its benefits have become known. Man made and manufactured to exacting standards, Vitrified paving absorbs hardly any moisture thus reducing the potential for algae and moss build up. This makes Vitrified paving non slip and negates the need to clean on a regular basis. These low maintenance products are calibrated to precise dimensions making each slab uniform. The manufacturing process ensures they are hard wearing and colour fast – so no fading, with a high resistance to staining. Being squared edged, narrow jointing is an option thus making the product easy to lay. Coming in a variety of sizes, colours and finishes, Vitrified paving is certainly worth considering when looking at a new or replacement patio.

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