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Beautiful Sandstone Slabs Your Neighbours Will Be Envious Of…

It’s not always the stone that matters, though sandstone is inescapable with its tonal attributes. It is how the stone is finally finished that sets the final colouring and the showcasing of the shades and colour within.

Our sandstone paving products offer a variety of finishes to provide the best visionary experience that you and your garden deserve. There are six categories of final finish which we bring to the fore, these are flamed, polished, antique, rustic, textured and natural limestone flagstone. Every garden requires its natural order to offer the best design effect. The more traditional garden with an antique or ‘Olde English’ feel may be at home being coupled with natural rustic sandstone paving or antique sandstone paving.

Options to consider when choosing your paving

Piazza Blonde (Dry)
Piazza Blonde Textured Sandstone Paving

These two styles are a combination of unfinished edges and a rough texture with pale blues, reds and pinks that can be arranged in different orders to maximise that rustic or antique feel. These help you to achieve a look of a garden that has been around for years but in reality has only recently been laid.

The production of natural sandstone is no mean feat. Each is calibrated and cut to precise measurements and pre assembled into workable paving project packs so you know the pieces of each sized stone you are receiving and the exact measurements the stones will encompass in square meters.

Alongside antique and rustic, the natural limestone paving provides a luxurious feel. A stone which has been used throughout the ages in stately homes up and down the country. Delivering a high quality finish, limestone is only rivalled by granite and marble in offering that idyllic luxury home feel.

Go for natural paving for the latest look & feel

For a more contemporary garden, one featuring a chiminea or garden pod, you might wish to look to a natural polished sandstone paving solution. These slabs offer distinct one tone colouring but shading throughout. Light pinks, blues, greys and yellows, the colouring is seamless throughout and smooth , no rough edges or textures underfoot.

Rustic rivens and rough textures are chased away by using a method of shot blasting that offers a finish that is in between that of textured and polished. While the sandstone paving still provides grip in any weather, the roughness of textured paving will not be apparent.

All of our sandstone paving is offered in pre-determined project pack sizes. If you wish to enact an additional design, simply contact our design studio team for further advice on how to integrate our decorative stone packs and a variety of border stones.

Natural Sandstone Paving

Piazza Blonde – £46/m2


Natural Sandstone Paving

Rustic Mist Project Pack – £22.35/m2


Natural Sandstone Paving

Piazza Blanche – £42/m2


Natural Sandstone Paving

Piazza Mist – £36.50/m2


Natural Sandstone Paving

Piazza Melange – £42/m2