Brand Transforming Natural Sandstone Paving

I don’t wish to wet your whistle too quickly but I implore you to understand the attributes and qualities offered by natural sandstone paving for restaurants. If your customers can strip themselves of their shoes and socks in your exclusive and up market restaurant, then I can assure you they would be back the next day for a meal with their family and friends.

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Whether flamed, polished, textured, rustic or antique there is a style of natural sandstone paving for restaurants that would meet your required level of distinction. Customers simply do not expect stone floors to be inside any more. Which is why if you are seeking a way to transform your brand or restaurant’s image, ripping up that carpet or tiling and laying a natural sandstone paved floor is the only way to go.

Natural Sandstone Paving For that Unique Experience

The type of restaurant that we are wishing to attract the attention of, is not your average take away. High end, gourmet food, expensive tastes, luxury bottles of wine all presented atop lavish well dressed tables, well designed lighting with the art that customers tend to look for while eating, not being positioned on the wall or ceiling but the floor.

Until you have experienced dining within a exquisite¬†restaurant which has recreated a million years of mother nature’s effort underneath your feet, you can perhaps not entirely appreciate what sandstone for restaurants can provide.

The Benefits Of Natural Sandstone Paving

We have two fantastic offerings suited to the most elegant of restaurants that will meet even the smallest of budgets. Natural flamed sandstone paving and Natural textured sandstone paving. The flamed indicates that it has a slightly textured surface providing grip under foot, these come in a variety of styles and currently burnt magenta will offer a typified red patterned floor which will simply revel in any dimmed lighting in a restaurant.

Against, suitable for restaurants and provide grip against slips, the natural textured sandstone paving in a restaurant is the flagstone which will provide a semblance of grace and hierarchy, an air of exclusivity will reign across the floor of your restaurant. A base from which you can grow the style and euphoria of the seated space above and really deliver on taste. Yes. Your entire business really does start from the ground up!

If you flick through our natural sandstone for restaurants catalogue you will observe over a dozen individual colours and characteristics from which you can begin to re-brand your business. The white of the Cornsilk and Pumice sandstone, the mix of shades of red available in the Piazza Oasis paving pack. Laying a natural sandstone paving for a restaurant and ripping out that ten year old carpet or tiling will be one of the best business decisions you will ever make! Be sure to send us a picture once it is completed.

Piazza Blonde (Dry)